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Journal of the Saxifrage Society

ISSN 1475 - 1577

No. 14 (2006)







  • Saxifrages in the Wild
    • Saxifraga oppositifolia on Penyghent by Nigel Hutchinson
    • Report on Andalucian Saxifrages by Malcolm McGregor
    • Southern Italy by Marijn van den Brink & Kees Jan van Zwienen
    • Saxifrages on the Tien Shan by David Victor
  • Cultivation
    • A Return Visit to Karel Lang by Rick Lambert
    • The Art of Cultivating Porphyrion Saxifrages by Ger van den Beuken
    • Growing Saxifrages in Peat Beds by Gert Hoek
    • Notes From the Registrar 2006 by Beryl Bland
    • Seed Exchange by John Howes
  • Miscellaneous
    • Peter Smith 1929 - 2005 by Richard Ball
    • A Note From Your New Chairman by Rick Lambert
    • Editorial
    • Geoffrey Charlesworth prize
    • List of Colour Plates

Includes colour photographs
Edited and designed by Kees Jan van Zwienen.
Published by The Saxifrage Society.
© The Saxifrage Society, 2006